2012 Easton SSR4 Stealth Speed

2012 Easton SSR4 Stealth Speed
2012 Easton SSR4 Stealth Speed


This bat is repaint of the 2011 Easton SSR2 Stealth Speed. The performance and durability appear to be the same as on the previous models. This is a fairly stiff two piece bat. It doesn't have any where near the handle flex of a Demarini Juggernaut, Flyswatter etc. Demarini is big on two piece bats with alot of handle flex. Worth and Miken are opposed to this philosophy and typically only make one piece bats although some of their one piece bats do have different levels of handle flex. Easton goes both ways and makes one and two piece bats. All of the 2010 and 2012 Easton ASA bats are made with an outer shell that will break in very quickly. The downside is that they will develop stress line cracks in the outer layer of composite that will make the bat appear to be cracked. Typically the bats will last a long time after those stress cracks develop on the outside. Shaving and rolling will obviously speed up the process of the development of those stress cracks also. It is not unusual for the bats to develop these outer layer cracks in under 100 swings. This bat will surpass the 98 MPH standard even when stock and will go well past it when shaved. They have a huge and very forgiving sweet spot and are great for base hitters.

Bat Specs
Sweetspot 10.0
Distance 9.2
Durability 8.5

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