2013 Worth Legit 454 ASA

2013 Worth Legit 454 ASA
2013 Worth Legit 454 ASA


This bat has a similar high pitched sound to it as last year's ASA 454. The bat will take quite a while to break in naturally, but when shaved should have no problems. This seems a little behind the times since most of the newer bats are being made to break in much quicker. The sweetspot is towards the middle of the barrel which is fine if you like to hit line drives but power hitters will probably be better suited with a bat where the sweet spot is more towards the end of the bat. As a stock bat it is close to this year's Freak NXT and is very similar once rolled/shaved. Has 2013 USSSA sticker*

*altered bats not legal in USSSA

Price includes rolling, shaving, and endloading if you prefer

Bat Specs
Sweetspot 9.2
Distance 9.2
Durability 9.0

Sorry, this bat is currently out of stock or otherwise not available for sale.

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