BATMAN 2014 Easton L6.0

BATMAN 2014 Easton L6.0


*BATMAN BAT*  For those of you who are unfamiliar with our Batman bats, we shave these aggressively and add a substantial amount of endload. These bats are meant to be pure home-run derby bats, as the extreme endload will add major distance. In our opinion, our Batman spec bats will outhit anything you have in your bag, stock or otherwise. Our Game Ready break-in service is included. Keep in mind that if you order a lower weight like 26.5oz, it may not have as much endload as the 27 and 28 oz versions. Has new ASA stamp and is not approved for USSSA*


---Please read about Easton Surface Cracks before purchasing this bat---


Price includes rolling, aggressive shaving, endloading, and our Game Ready Service


*Altered bats not legal in sanctioned play. Use responsibly.



Bat Specs
Sweetspot 9.5
Distance 10.0
Durability 7.5

Sorry, this bat is currently out of stock or otherwise not available for sale.