2014 Miken Recoil 750X ASA

2014 Miken Recoil 750X ASA


The Recoil is back! (Or at least the name is). These are much thinner walled than the originals and will break in a lot quicker. According to Miken, the 750X has "ultra-tough epoxy injected into the highest grade aerospace carbon and aramid fibers at 750 pounds per square inch." While this is most likely a bunch of marketing jargon, these bats have been getting great reviews so far. The sweet spot is large and the bat breaks in pretty quickly. The Recoil 750X comes balanced from the factory, but we usually add a little endload to help the distance factor. Approved for ASA only.*


Price includes rolling, shaving, and endloading.


*Altered bats not legal in sanctioned play. Use responsibly.

Bat Specs
Sweetspot 9.0
Distance 9.2
Durability 9.0

Sorry, this bat is currently out of stock or otherwise not available for sale.