*NEW BATMAN BAT* 2015 Miken Freak Black ASA BATMAN

*NEW BATMAN BAT* 2015 Miken Freak Black ASA BATMAN


As many know, we used to use the Eastons for our signature "BATMAN" bats, but we had too many issues with durability so we switched to a bat that we feel is worthy of the BATMAN name. Through the years our Batman bats have been dominating Home Run Derbies across the U.S. and beyond. First we shave the bat a little more aggressively than normal, then we add massive amounts of endload. You can literally feel the endload powering through the ball and creating extra distance. We recommend the 27oz or higher for this bat. The 26.5oz will still have a lot of endload, but not as much comparatively. We also recommend not making this an everyday bat because of the aggressive shave job

The Miken Freak Black line-up is the successor to the Triad bats from the past several years.  The sweet spot is large and the bat breaks in very quickly. These do have some handle flex as well. Approved for ASA only.*


---Please read about Softball Bat Surface Cracks before purchasing this bat---


Price includes rolling, shaving, and endloading.


*Altered bats not legal in sanctioned play. Use responsibly.



Bat Specs
Sweetspot 9.5
Distance 9.5
Durability 8.5

Sorry, this bat is currently out of stock or otherwise not available for sale.