2018 Dudley Lightning Legend LiFT BLUE Senior

Dudley2018 Dudley Lightning Legend LiFT BLUE Senior 2

2018 Dudley Lightning Legend LiFT BLUE Senior


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Dudley is back with a brand new line of softball bats for the 2018-2019 Slow Pitch season! The Lift Series is ready to take softball diamonds across the nation by storm and here's why. This one-piece design is exquisitely crafted from Dudley's fusion carbon composite material that will require a brief break-in period. Once your Dudley is ready for game play it will one of the hottest on the field, not to mention season after season durability. Add on the innovative Grip Spin technology, a tacky substance across the barrel to help "grip" the ball on contact that helps create more backspin and further ball flight, and you've got yourself a softball bat unlike any other. Dudley: It's a Whole New Ball Game!

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2018 Dudley Lightning Legend LiFT BLUE Senior review

by Valued Customer on November 30, 2018
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Best Miken outthere.

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