2018 Worth EST Comp XL ASA
Worth2018 Worth EST Comp XL ASA Shaved/Rolled-2

2018 Worth EST Comp XL ASA


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All bats are custom shaved and weighted after you place your order. Please allow 4-5 business days from the time you place your order for the work to be completed.
If you would like your bat to be Rolled Only, please attach promo code ROLLEDONLY at checkout and it will deduct $65.00.


Worth slow pitch softball bats deliver best-in-class power and control through innovation and technology. For the 2018 season, the EST Comp series ensures that every at-bat results in exactly what players are looking for. With a two-piece, 100% composite construction, these slowpitch bats are long-lasting, forgiving on mishits, and offer more plate coverage than ever before with an extended sweet spot. Made in the USA and manufactured out of Worth's CF100 carbon fiber, the EST Comp softball bats come with a lightweight feel that helps increase overall bat speed. The CF100 combines with the revolutionary 220+ Advantage by using more carbon fiber to enhance the hitting surface and maximize performance over the full 360-degree rotation of the barrel so that the worries of dead spots are a thing of the past! Under the barrel, Worth has also applied their Flex 50 technology which creates an ultra-thin handle for unbeatable whip through the swing plane. Worth Sports: Performance Through Technology!

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 Finished Weight: 26 oz$379.00BUY
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We have been rolling and shaving bats for over fifteen years and have discovered many little known techniques for getting the most out of these processes.

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