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About Us

"Why should I choose World's Hottest Bats? I've found cheaper prices elsewhere on the internet, so what makes you guys special?" Now, we could respond with the usual answers people are used to hearing, using cliche phrases about our customer service and dedication to excellence, etc., but we believe there is one thing that truly sets us apart from all the other bat shaving companies: Experience.

Since our humble beginning many years ago in our garage in Gilbert, Arizona, we've worked on nearly 100,000 bats (not an exaggeration). This means that at this point, very little surprises us. We've seen every kind of cap, endload material, single wall composite weave construction, double wall composite weave (sleeved construction), metal/alloy construction, internal governor ring,....we could go on and on but you get the point. We have experimented with dozens of materials, including epoxies for gluing in caps, polyurethanes for endload material, and of course our epoxy resin for coating the inside of shaved bats.

We have pushed every bat to its limit to discover that perfect balance between performance and durability. One recurring issue we've seen with other bat shaving companies is that they are painfully unaware of how much material to shave out from each bat. Many of our customers send us bats that have been worked on by these companies because they saw little to no performance gain. You see, every bat is different and needs a different amount taken out, even bats from the same manufacturer. Some bats can have 2 ounces removed safely, while others only need a half ounce to reach peak performance without seriously compromising durability. It takes years of experience and thousands of bats to acquire this knowledge, and you are on the website of the company that possesses that critical expertise. Keeping our prices profitable but reasonable means we can afford the best materials and can keep our equipment updated. We believe you get what you pay for- therefore, we don't engage in price wars with other bat shaving companies.